The company

Founded in 2015, SEMADRONES is a telecoms design and inspection firm, specialised in the treatment and rendering of drone and laser scanner data. SEMADRONES operates a design and inspection office and a team of certified and fully-equipped drone pilots across the country, ensuring a rapid response.

In 2022, SEMADRONES joined the PROXYRIUS Group.

Our bespoke services are calibrated to meet the needs of Sales, Business, Works, Roll-out, and Maintenance teams of telecoms operators, developers, TowerCos, and public and private networks.

Semadrones | Relevés complexes de précision, contrôle d'infrastructures télécom par drones

Innovation and speed

In a constant and concerted effort to reduce costs and increase our speed of delivery, SEMADRONES offers our clients a dedicated collaborative platform.

The SEMALOS® platform is a cloud space, dedicated to our clients.

This secure space provides instant access to data and real-time tracking of our projects and studies.

The teams at Semadrones are constantly innovating, allowing our clients to accelerate their roll-out.

Performance and connectivity

Our pilots are based across the country, and are all equipped with the latest in next-generation technology. They are always connected, providing high-definition images as and when needed.

Experience and expertise

Semadrones has our own team of drone pilots and an integrated design office, earning us a reputation for speed and quality among all our Operator, Developer, and TowerCo clients.